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Water Features

A water feature that includes aquatic plants and fish captivates viewers with its fascination rhythm of life and continual change.

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Why to Build A Water Feature?

As a life- giving and sustaining element, water is an essential part of any landscape. Moving or still, water in your landscape will entrance you and reward you with a variety of benefits. Water delights the beholder, whether it is peaceful and contemplative in a reflective pool or a quiet bog, or exciting in a rushing waterfall or stream.

A water feature that includes aquatic plants and fish captivates viewers with its fascination rhythm of life and continual change. The magic of waterfalls applies no matter the climate, garden design, home architecture, or lifestyle.

Water feature offers something for every one.

  • An oasis of tranquility to which you can retreat from the stress of everyday life.
  • The redressing sound of moving water to wash away worries and calm the nerves.
  • The visual excitement of spilling, cascading, and rippling water.
  • The intriguing dance of nature among the plants, insects, birds, and other wildlife attracted to the water through the seasons.
  • The pleasure of watching darting ornamental fish and hearing the peaceful song s of frogs.
  • The magical presence of water running through the garden that draws you to sit outdoors to watch or putter.
  • A center of activity for viewing, sharing and learning for people of all ages.

  • Its Nothing new

    The beauty of water features has generated a romantic and alluring mystique over millennia. Water features are popular because they transform an ordinary garden into a delightful retreat. Choose from a wealth of possibilities, from a small, simple container garden or a fountain to a still pool or a cascading stream.

    Designing and building a water feature offer all sorts of appeal, whether you seek a creative outlet or a way to challenge your mechanical or building skills, Even if you don't view its design as an art form, a water feature becomes an artful addition to the landscape. Making a waterfall, sa stream, or a pool offers new gardening opportunities as you decide which plants to include and whatever or not to incorporate aquatic plants. Whatever your goal, completing the project -a permanent addition to your garden will give you a sense of accomplishment.

    In addition, a well-designed landscape that includes a carefully constructed water feature could increase your properties value by 10 to 12 percent, according to the Horticultural Research Institute. Depending on the design you can use a water feature to resolve a landscape problem, such as boring or sloping site, turning into a decorative asset. Your design might help you build on top of soil that retains water or won't support much plant life other than weeds. Following a trend toward more environmentally friendly landscape, the newest technology and concepts in constructing water features initiate nature and give you ways to transform your property into a beautiful oasis.

    Why Hesitate?

    Despite of all the compelling reasons to make a beautiful water feature, many people hesitate. Construction often intimidates people and may prevent them from diving in to a project. That's where Sherpa Landscape comes in. Just set your sights on making the most natural-looking pond, stream, bog or waterfall. Then prepare yourself for the delights and satisfaction we will provide for years to come.

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